Chicken Pasta with Pink Salt

Mouthwatering pasta recipe is delightedly liked by people of every age. The cheesy pasta attracts the every person to the dining table by it delightfully aroma even the picky food eater will not resist the recipe dish if presented on the table. can be served in lunch or dinner table

  • Boneless chicken half kg
  • Pasta 1 Packet(any interesting shape ,butterfly, shell etc.)
  • chicken cube 1 piece
  • carrots 2 in grated round
  • onion 2 in the square shape (as I told u in chicken vegetable)
  • cauliflower (Phil gobi) separate into small ones (boil it for 5 min))salt n pepper as u like
  • Vinegar n say-so 2 tbsp.)garlic paste 1 tsp.
  • Maida 2tbsp
  • butter 2tbsp
  • milk 2 cup
  • 1/4 cup cheese
  • Pink salt and pepper half tsp.

Direction to Cook :

 Boil the pasta in a skillet according to the instruction given on the packet. When cooked drain the pasta and put 2 tablespoon oil in the noodles and mix  it thoroughly

Now in a pan  heat some oil. Add the garlic paste in oil and  cook it till becomes brown . add the chicken to the pan and cook it for at least 5 minutes.  Now add the grated vegetable carrot, onion and cauliflower  cook them for at least 5 minutes.  Now add   Himalayan pink salt , pepper , vinegar and soy sauce  and chicken cubes in the pan heat for at least 3 minutes . now add the boiled  pasta and mix it thoroughly heat for a couple of minutes now put out the cooked material in  an open dish

White Sauce Recipe :

 In a pan heat  butter and Maida for two minutes. Now add milk and cheese to the pan and stir fast .add little salt and black pepper in the mixture heat it if it appears very thick add more milk make  to make it little dense now pour  this white sauce on the pasta .

 The delicious pasta is ready to serve and enjoy