Myths about Rice

You will undoubtedly know what I mean if I speak the word “Rice”. A grain crop and basic diet for billions of people around the world. Many Asian Countries just like Pakistan consider white rice to be a staple food, and it is present in practically every Pakistani home. In most of the world's regions, it is widely consumed. However, some fallacies surrounding the grain make it challenging for people to eat it without reservation.

"Oh rice grain makes me feel sleepy," "It makes me fat," and "I'm dieting for weight loss so I won't touch white rice", are fairly typical to hear these days.  In the past, a balanced diet for the wealthy included Chawal, Chappati, Daal, and Sabzi. But what triggered this dramatic controversy? There are numerous rice-related myths that we encounter. Let's discuss each one in detail.

Myth 01: Skip Rice Grains if You Want to Lose Weight

Myth 1 about rice

One of the largest lies on earth and the most widely spread myth. You will typically be advised by nutritionists to stop eating them and stick to roti. The truth is that one roti and a bowl of rice have roughly the same number of calories in 100 g. The sole distinction is that rice-grains have less fiber than wheat, which has a greater amount of complex carbohydrates that take longer to digest. As a result, they are more quickly broken down than roti. Therefore, if you only ate them, you might start to feel hungry an hour or two later. Don't consume cooked rice alone is the key. Even if you eat it, you can still lose weight if you watch how much of it you eat.

Myth 02: Rice has High Salt

Myth 2 about Rice

It is just a myth. Basmati Rice contains a very low amount of sodium that causes no harm to people with hypertension. 

Myth 03: If you eat rice for dinner, you'll get fat

 Myth 3 About Rice

Carbohydrate-rich foods, like rice, are frequently associated with weight gain. Watch your portion sizes, though, as any item consumed in excess might result in weight gain. It is a fallacy that you shouldn't consume carbs at night. No matter how much you eat, it's crucial to keep track of your calorie intake. It's critical to consume the suggested calorie intake for each person based on their BMI, physical activity level, and any co-morbid conditions if they want to lose weight.

Myth 04: It's challenging to digest rice

Myth 4 about Rice

Food that is difficult to digest may not be something you want to eat because it can make you feel uncomfortable, gassy, and bloated. Many individuals mistakenly think that all rice is extremely difficult to digest for a variety of reasons. Most foods with a lot of fiber, such as brown rice, may be difficult to digest. However, the majority of rice varieties are low in fiber, which makes them a candidate for simple digestion.