7 Health Benefits of Golden Raisins: Facts and Guide

Dried grapes are raisins. Raisins are nutrient and calorie-dense due to the drying process concentration of the sugars and nutrients found in grapes. They can be produced using a wide range of grape varieties. The flavors and textures of raisins vary depending on the grapes used.

Types of Raisins

There are three main types of raisins according to their different drying techniques, Regular Raisins, Golden Raisins (Sultana), and Current (Black Corinth). While they are very similar, they also have their own specific characteristics.

Types of Raisins

Regular Raisins

Golden Raisins (Sultanas) 

Currents (Zante Currents) 

✔ These are a form of dried fruit obtained from seedless Thompson Grapes.

✔ They are brown to black in color because of the sun-drying process for three weeks.

✔ They have an earthy and nutty flavor.

✔ The levels of flavonoids are lower in regular raisins.

✔ Their size is larger than golden raisins and currants.

 These are a form of dried fruit obtained from green grapes, commonly referred to as “Sultanas or Yellow Raisins”.

 They are light in color as compared to regular raisins.

 The dehydration method is used as the drying process, giving the finished product its chewy and sweet texture.

 Due to the dehydration process, golden raisins have higher levels of flavonoids.


 These are made of seedless ancient Greek grapes.

✔ They are red and very dark in color because of the sun-drying process for three weeks.

✔ However, the difference between Regular Raisins and Zante Currents is that there is no additional procedure in their production.

✔ They have a tangy and intense flavor. They are smaller in size. E.g. pea-sized

 Nutritional Value Comparison

The nutritional profile of 100g of Regular Raisins, Sultanas, and Currents.

Regular Raisins Golden Raisins Currents 
Calories 306 320 280
Carbs 71 grams 80 grams 65 grams
Protein 2.3 grams 3.28 grams 2.8 grams
Fat 0 grams 0 grams 0 grams
Fiber 5 grams 6 grams 6 grams
Sugar 69 grams 64 grams 63 grams
Potassium 22% of the DV 17% of the DV 17% of the DV
Iron 23% of the DV 0% of the DV 13% of the DV

DV = Daily Value

Which type of Raisins is best?

Golden Raisins – because they provide more energy and consist of high amounts of carbs and less amount of sugar. These raisins are natural and additives-free and they are more pulpy and juicy as compared to regular raisins. They have higher levels of flavonoids and flavonoids act as antioxidants in the human body. Flavonoids play vital roles in the body including anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anticancer.

Health Benefits of Golden Raisins

Health Benefits of Golden Raisins

With their high sugar content, sultana raisins are a good source of energy. For an added boost throughout the day, they can be consumed as a quick snack or added to meals like oatmeal or yogurt bowls. Including sultana raisins in your diet is a simple way to enjoy a sweet treat at the same time as gaining a number of health advantages.

Promotes Healthy Digestion: The high amount of fiber in sultana raisins aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system, and preventing constipation.

 Controlling Blood Sugar Levels: Due to the presence of soluble fiber in sultana raisins, it is helpful to slow down the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream. It leads to lower levels of sugar in the blood.

 Lower Cholesterol Levels: Both soluble and insoluble fibers found in golden raisins have been shown to reduce LDL (bad) Cholesterol levels.

 Decrease the Risk of Chronic Illnesses: High amounts of polyphenols (flavonoids) found in golden raisins have been associated with a lower risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

 Prevents the Aging Process: Sultana raisins contain antioxidants that fight against oxidative stress that can damage our cells, an important factor in aging.

 Boost Immunity: Sultana raisins are a good source of beta-carotene and vitamins C and E that support your body’s defense mechanism. Their significant antioxidant content helps defend the brain from free radical damage, which can eventually result in cognitive impairment.

 Excellent Source of Energy: They contain natural sugars that provide an energy boost without raising blood sugar levels.

When We Eat Too Many Golden Raisins

30 to 40 grams, or about 8 to 10 raisins, should be consumed daily in raisins. Consuming excessive amounts of raisins can harm the digestive system since they can stop other nutrients from being absorbed.

Additionally, raisins are high in sugar and calories, so consuming too many of them daily may result in weight gain.

Golden Raisins into Your Diet

A beneficial addition to your diet is golden raisins. They provide you with a rapid energy boost and fulfill your craving for sweets. Sultana raisins may naturally sweeten and give texture to your favorite recipes.

🟡 Healthy Snack

A tasty and handful food combination that can keep you energized all day is sultana raisins and nuts. Add them to yogurt or oatmeal for a sweet and crunchy snack that has both sweetness and texture. They also work well as a flavorful addition to smoothie bowls as a topping and garnish on the dish of rice.

🟡 Baked Goods

Sultana Raisins may provide a delicious sweetness and chewy texture to your baked goods. Here are some strategies for including them.

 Add a chewy texture to the cookie dough.

 Before baking, sprinkle on top of muffins.

 To add flavor, fold into the cinnamon roll filling.

🟡 Savory Dishes

Sultana raisins enhance the flavor of savory dishes by adding a hint of sweetness. For meals, try incorporating some of these straightforward ideas,

 Add raisins for sweetness in the salad.

 Include raisins for a richer flavor in a stuffing recipe.

 Stir-frying raisins with vegetables.

Best Raisins in the Market

Best Raisins in the Market

As we know, the best type of raisin is the “Golden Raisins” also known as “Sultana”. It is the best because of its nutritional profile and texture which is more pulpy and juicy as compared to other raisins types. These are rich in antioxidants which are helpful in immunity boost. Himalayan Chef is the brand that offers only the best type and best quality raisins “Golden Raisins”. Himalayan Chef Raisins are carefully tested by experts to make sure they meet high standards of safety and hygiene and are packed in good quality packing that is eco-friendly.


Golden raisins are a fantastic addition to your diet because of their nutritious value as well as their sweet and delectable taste. These golden gems can enhance the flavor of your food while giving you important nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and fibers. According to studies, golden raisins also have antioxidant qualities that help in preventing the body’s cells from being harmed by free radicals. Including sultana raisins in your diet is a simple way to fulfill your sweet appetite also promoting physical and mental well-being.